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Dr. Olufemi Sonubi

Thanks for visiting my website! My name is Dr.Olufemi Sonubi. I am a Performance Physical Therapist.

Dr. Olufemi Sonubi spent his early years between South Florida and New York City. At a young age he took a liking to sports and recreational exercise. After high school Olufemi moved to New York City where he earned his B.S in Movement Science at CUNY York College and began working as a certified health and fitness professional. Shortly after he earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from SUNY Downstate Medical Center. Olufemi is extremely passionate about human movement / rehabilitation science and feeds that need with his daily exercise habit, taking multiple continuing education courses throughout the year, and subscribing to multiple research reviews. Olufemi is an extremely driven clinician who holds himself to the highest standard in relation to the way he practices PT. Olufemi believes that cultivating winning habits is the key to success in any realm of life.

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Dr. Olufemi Sonubi is a professional and expert in his field and will provide you variety of physical and health services which will help you get back on track. Services include:


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