Our Services

1. physical therapy

As a physical therapist it is my job is to take away your aches/pains and facilitate your journey to the your most resilient adaptable body. My treatment philosophy is innovative, evidenced based, and personalized for your goals.

2. performance coaching

As a performance coach I rely on sound strength and conditioning principles to take my clients to their goals. My clients range from youth athletes, weekend warriors, and professional athletes.

3. Nutritional coaching

Building the right habits is usually what separates those who are successful with changing their eating habits and those who are not successful. As a nutritional coach I facilitate your change in nutrition through evidence based behavior change strategies. This allows you to maintain your change in nutrition and stop yo- yo dieting.

4. Seminars

When we teach we learn" breaking down complex concepts into a more digestible way is something I do to help other clinicians better serve their clients. Want me to speak at your gym, or classroom? I would love to.

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